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Meet the world's largest single-cell expression database

Our single-cell database covers a broad range of diseases, organs, tissues, where cell annotations are carefully standardized and made ready for instant mining

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Systematically curated with manual verification and standardization

Our comprehensive curation and manual verification process ensures that important findings are reproducible, and cell annotations are standardized across projects.


Collect data

Collecting expression and annotation data from publications



Running single-cell analysis pipelines


Cell types and Annotations

Transferring cell types and other annotations from papers to data


Standardized Annotation

Mapping authors annotations to BioTuring standardized annotations


Quality control

Verifying if results in the papers are replicable using the indexed data

Covering many research interests

BioTuring database covers a wide range of sequencing platforms, diseases, tissues, and fields, such as Oncology, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Neuroscience and many more, supporting multiple research interests.

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Standalone application to interactively analyze each dataset at a time

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Web application to run cross-study analysis and combine cells on the entire database

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Cloud platform to run custom analyses using Jupyter notebooks

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