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BioTuring Ecosystem

All-in-one platform for single-cell transcriptomic and spatial analysis
BbrowserX An advanced single-cell browser, scalable to million-cell datasets Learn More
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Talk2Data Cell atlases, and cross-study analysis for all published single cell data Learn More
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BioTuring Lens An AI-assisted platform for spatial-omics data analysis Learn More
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BioColab Curated and ready-to-run notebooks for bioinformaticians Learn More
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Vinci A scientific data visualization platform Learn More
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BioTuring Database

The world’s largest single-cell database, continuously updated, offers a whole new way to explore public single-cell data
  • Over 100 million cells included
  • Curated ontologies
  • Insights across multiple studies
  • Efficient data accessibility
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The world largest curated Single-cell database with more than:

2,300 Datasets
118,000,000 Cells
300 Cell types

High Performance Computing

Our mission is providing state-of-the-art high performance computing solution for research in life sciences. By leveraging cutting-edge GPU technology and optimized algorithm, we aim to accelerate and optimize biological data analysis, enable researchers to unlock new insights and breakthroughs in the field of biology.
Algorithms We develop state-of-the-art bioinformatics algorithms to extract information from next-generation sequencing data.
Machine learning We tackle current challenges in machine learning methods for large biological datasets.
Data science Our comprehensive curation and manual verification process ensures that important findings are reproducible, and cell annotations are standardized across projects


BioTuring Enhancement of Spatial Technology (BEST) Program February 21st, 2023 Learn More
BioTuring Curated NK Cells Atlas January 6th, 2023 Learn More

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Fred Gage, PhD Board of Directors
Son Pham, PhD Chief Executive Officer
Benedict Paten, PhD Scientific Advisor
Daniel Weinberger, PhD Board of Directors
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