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Version: 2.1.15
Released on: December 3rd 2019
Release notes:
• Query multiple genes across all public datasets
• Check disk storage and backup data before downloading/changing location
• Study in the remote repository can now be deleted without downloading
• Resolved an issue with offline mode (Mac and Windows only)

System requirements:
• Minimum 4GB RAM
• 8GB RAM is recommended
• Minimum 1024x768 screen resolution

Version: 1.6.19
Released on: December 3rd 2019
Release notes:
• Drag/drop for .mtx, .tsv, .csv
• Accept zipped files ending with .gz
• Violin is the default visualization instead of boxplot
• Show plots of gene expression (single/dual-mode) for visible data points only
• Rerun t-SNE/UMAP to get 2D/3D coordinates
• Dual-mode now has scatter plot with an option to exclude 0-0 cells
• Marker genes are saved and instantly shown when users make the same selection
• Include gene names in DE table when exporting