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Learning single-cell atlases
Time : May 8, 2024
Speaker : Fabian J. Theis, PhD
Geneformer: Transfer learning enables predictions in network biology
Time : November 9, 2023
Speaker : Christina Theodoris
scGPT: Towards Building a Foundation Model for Single-Cell Multi-omics Using Generative Al
Time : Octorber 3, 2023
Speaker : Bo Wang
Fast, sensitive, and accurate integration of single-cell data with Harmony
Time : April 2022
Speaker : Ilya Korsunsky
Tissue level insights from cellular measurements
Time : March 2022
Speaker : Matan Hofree
A Practical Guide to UMAP
Time : October 2021
Speaker : John Healy
Using t SNE for Data Analysis: A Quick Introduction
Time : September 2020
Speaker : Laurens van der Maaten
Building the single-cell atlas of bone marrow microenvironment
Time : July 2019
Speaker : Anastasia Tikhonova, Igor Dolgalev
Understanding chemo resistance using single cell RNA sequencing
Time : January 2019
Speaker : Ankur Sharma