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Our team is dedicated to advancing spatial analysis and putting in significant effort to make spatial omics data accessible for researchers
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BioTuring Lens
An AI-assisted platform for spatial-omics data analysis
BioTuring Lens - our AI-asisted platform employs the latest in advanced spatial analysis, including accurate cell segmentation, cell type prediction, neighborhood analysis, and tissue segmentation.
The platform currently supports the most advanced technologies: 10X Xenium, NanoString CosMx, and Vizgen MERFISH
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BioTuring Enhancement of Spatial Technology Program

BioTuring Enhancement of Spatial Technology (BEST) Program is an initiative by BioTuring to help researchers overcome the computational challenges of single-cell spatial data by offering BioTuring Lens - The GPU-accelerated platform for spatial-omics data analysis.
Join us now for - Free BioTuring Lens access for your first single-cell spatial dataset - Technical support for digesting your dataset - Free storage and analytical support to ensure that you produce top-quality results for publication.
How to join - Send us an email to We will reach out and help you proceed - The program is available until May 31st, 2023
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Tissue-level Spatial Transcriptomic Technologies

A cloud-based platform for spatial transcriptomic data. Supporting 10X Visium, NanoString GeoMx
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Curated and ready-to-run notebooks for bioinformaticians
A data science platform with ready-to-run pipelines for bioinformaticians
  • Ready-to-use jupyter notebooks
  • Easy access to BioTuring single-cell database
  • BioTuring high performance packages
  • Continuously updated with the latest methods
  • Ability to scale to different data formats and enhance collaboration
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