• Single-cell RNA sequencing of tumour-associated leukocytes reveals the contribution of tissue-resident macrophages to early non-small cell lung cancer (Casanova-Acebes et al., 2021)
  • How to access and re-explore this single-cell dataset in BBrowser

Access And Analyze Single Cell And Spatial Multiomics Data

  • Ivonne Petermann, PhD. (10X Genomics) 
  • Tri Le (BioTuring) 

A Practical Guide To UMAP

John Healy - Author of UMAP, Tutte Institute of Mathematics and Computing

Topography of spatial gene expression in the human prefrontal cortex

  • Kristen Maynard, PhD (The Lieber Institute for Brain Development)
  • Leonardo Collado-Torres, PhD (The Lieber Institute for Brain Development)

Oncofetal ecosystem: Embryonic tale of Tumorigenesis

  • Ankur Sharma, PhD (Genome Institute of Singapore)
  • Jennifer Pham (BioTuring Inc.)

Using t-SNE for data analysis: A quick introduction

Laurens van der Maaten, PhD (Facebook AI Research, Inventor of t-SNE)

Mapping Cell Types in Single Cell: A walk through the Past, Present Practices and Future Challenges

Vivek Das, PhD (Novo Nordisk Research Center Seattle, Inc - NNRCSI)

Characterizing Antitumor Immunity One Cell At A Time

Anthony Cillo, PhD (University Pittsburgh)

Towards the discovery of lipid-associated macrophage (LAM) cells

  • Lorenz Adlung, PhD (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Jennifer Pham (BioTuring Inc.)

Building the single-cell atlas of the bone marrow microenvironment

  • Anastasia Tikhonova, PhD (NYU Langone Medical Center)
  • Igor Dolgalev (NYU Langone Medical Center)

Building a transcriptional atlas of myeloid subsets during neuroinflammation using single-cell RNA sequencing

  • Roman Sankowski, PhD (Institute of Neuropathology at the University of Freiburg Medical Center)
  • Jennifer Pham (BioTuring Inc.)

Understanding chemo-resistance using single-cell RNA sequencing

  • Ankur Sharma, PhD (Genome Institute of Singapore)
  • Son Pham, PhD (BioTuring Inc.)