• The purpose of “Cell Type” and Annotation in single cell Omics.
  • The process in place: state-of-the-art methods currently available in the field.
  • The outcome, remaining challenges and future scopes of the Cell Type Annotation.

The content of the webinar is author’s personal views and doesn’t represent NNRCSI in any capacity.

Access And Analyze Single Cell And Spatial Multiomics Data

  • Ivonne Petermann, PhD. (10X Genomics) 
  • Tri Le (BioTuring) 

A Practical Guide To UMAP

John Healy - Author of UMAP, Tutte Institute of Mathematics and Computing

Getting To Know The Origin Of Tumor-Associated Macrophages

María Casanova-Acebes, PhD (Head of Cancer Immunity Laboratory, Spanish National Cancer Research Center CNIO)

Topography of spatial gene expression in the human prefrontal cortex

  • Kristen Maynard, PhD (The Lieber Institute for Brain Development)
  • Leonardo Collado-Torres, PhD (The Lieber Institute for Brain Development)

Oncofetal ecosystem: Embryonic tale of Tumorigenesis

  • Ankur Sharma, PhD (Genome Institute of Singapore)
  • Jennifer Pham (BioTuring Inc.)

Using t-SNE for data analysis: A quick introduction

Laurens van der Maaten, PhD (Facebook AI Research, Inventor of t-SNE)

Characterizing Antitumor Immunity One Cell At A Time

Anthony Cillo, PhD (University Pittsburgh)

Towards the discovery of lipid-associated macrophage (LAM) cells

  • Lorenz Adlung, PhD (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Jennifer Pham (BioTuring Inc.)

Building the single-cell atlas of the bone marrow microenvironment

  • Anastasia Tikhonova, PhD (NYU Langone Medical Center)
  • Igor Dolgalev (NYU Langone Medical Center)

Building a transcriptional atlas of myeloid subsets during neuroinflammation using single-cell RNA sequencing

  • Roman Sankowski, PhD (Institute of Neuropathology at the University of Freiburg Medical Center)
  • Jennifer Pham (BioTuring Inc.)

Understanding chemo-resistance using single-cell RNA sequencing

  • Ankur Sharma, PhD (Genome Institute of Singapore)
  • Son Pham, PhD (BioTuring Inc.)