In-depth Single-cell Transcriptomic Analysis

Building upon the world’s largest single-cell database, we have developed an entire ecosystem that accelerates research progress and promotes scientific collaboration among researchers around the world
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Single-Cell intro
GPU-accelerated pipeline
GPU-accelerated pipeline Unlock the secrets of life faster with our GPU computing, innovative algorithms, and powerful A100 clusters
Curated database Explore the complexities of cellular biology with the help of our comprehensive single-cell database, which covers a diverse range of conditions and tissues
User friendly platform
User friendly platform Discover insights from your data with our intuitive and interactive interface, without any coding expertise
An advanced single-cell browser, scalable to million-cell datasets
We develop innovative solutions that tackle the challenges of working with large single-cell datasets and harnessing the power of big data
  • Accurately predict cell types
  • Search for similar cell populations in all public data
  • Scalable for million cells dataset
  • Analyze million-cell atlases in just seconds
Through the use of cutting-edge GPU technology and advanced algorithms, we have successfully streamlined and accelerated the single-cell omics analysis pipeline, enabling researchers to analyze million-cell datasets with greater speed and accuracy
  • Harmony
  • t-SNE
  • UMAP
  • Louvain clustering
We stay up-to-date with the latest single-cell analysis methods and continuously optimize their performance to deliver the most accurate results
  • Pseudotime (Monocle2)
  • Geometric sketching
  • AUCell enrichment
  • Analyze million-cell atlases in just seconds
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Cell atlases, and across-study analysis for single cell data
Talk to data diagram
Browse, interact with, and perform cross-study analysis on thousands of public single-cell datasets and integrated cell atlases, which have been meticulously curated by BioTuring for comprehensive analysis
  • Gene signatures across cell types
  • Co-expression genes across cell types
  • Novel cell type markers
  • Find cells that match a specific expression profile
  • Combine cells across studies / conditions / tissues

The world largest curated Single-cell database with more than:

2,300 Datasets
118,000,000 Cells
300 Cell types

Innovative Analysis

Cell type prediction
Cell type prediction
Leveraging our vast and meticulously curated database of millions of single cells, we have developed a cutting-edge neural network that can extract important features from an enumeration of billions of possibilities
Cell search
Cell search
Search for similar cell populations across the entire BioTuring database using our algorithm, which not only identifies similar cell types but also matches their expression profiles in the context of tissue, condition, treatment, and more
In silico custom atlases
In silico custom atlases
Create custom atlases by selecting subsets of up to millions of cells from thousands of studies, then perform cross-study analyses seamlessly within seconds
Scalable analysis
Scalable analysis
Analyze millions of cells in seconds using our advanced algorithms, modern GPU clusters, and optimized architecture

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Access the most comprehensively integrated cell atlases, curated by BioTuring and built on a giant database and the latest deep learning algorithm
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