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Accelerate your findings with our single-cell analysis services

We provide single-cell analysis services to help you answer important research questions from single cell data.

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Standard single-cell workflows

A start-to-end package to provide you with publish-ready data and visualizations, including:

  • Transcripts quantification
  • Quality control, normalization, data integration, and visualization
  • Cell type annotation
  • Finding marker genes
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Enrichment analysis
  • Trajectory analysis
  • Sub-clustering
  • Multimodal data analysis (TCR/BCR, CITE-seq, Spatial)
  • Generating processed data (Seurat/Scanpy
  • Data curation

Collaborators can get access to our BBrowser platform to interactively explore their data

On-demand workflows

On-demand workflows performed by our experts.

  • Cell-cell communication
  • Gene regulatory network
  • Co-expression analysis
  • CNV inference
  • Cell Type annotation
  • Target validation using our single-cell database of more than 26 million cells
  • Spatial imaging, cell segmentation, cell counting on microscopy images
  • Consulting appropriate workflows to answer research questions

Constructing cell atlas

We can work with you to construct atlases of interest, e.g.: cell type atlases, disease landscapes, organ, and cancer type atlases,…

  • Curating and integrating single cell data in the public and private domain
  • Characterizing cell types and subtypes automatically or manually
  • Answering research questions from the atlases
  • Integrating the atlases to a platform for interactive exploration

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