BioTuring Browser

BioTuring Browser

A free gateway to published sequencing data ...

With BioTuring Browser, any biologist can freely access and analyze published sequencing data on their personal laptops, with interactive visualizations.


Preprocessed datasets

Browse through thousands of sequencing datasets, all ready to be analyzed and visualized.

Well-organized library

Sail into an annotated and customizable library of data. You can opt to show all studies, or just the ones of your research interest.


Interactive dashboards

Make sense of published data with interactive visualizations, including heatmaps, MA plots, volcano plots, PCA biplots, and many more.

...Also an integrated platform for your own datasets

Not just a hub for published studies, BioTuring Browser is your handy toolkit to study your own datasets. You can easily walk from one end to another of a complete analysis pipeline: from a raw fastq file to interactive visualizations.


Raw fastq inputs

From your experiments


Alignment & quantification

With the speed and accuracy of Hera 2.0 (see benchmark).


Interactive dashboards

To study gene expressions, detect key genes, and much more.

How it works

BioTuring Browser works as an add-on model, creating a versatile Browser that can be adapted for multiple research purposes. This design provides you with the flexibility and freedom to customize your BioTuring Browser based on your needs.

List of add-ons

RNA-Seq Explorer

An intuitive platform for RNA-seq data analysis and visualization

✔ Alignment and quantification using Hera 2.0 with extreme accuracy (see benchmark).
✔ Tissue prediction and key genes detection with customizable 2D and 3D PCA graphs, and biplots.
✔ Differential expression analysis with MA plot, volcano plot, heatmap, and more.
✔ Enrichment analysis: Discover pathways and gene ontologies using GSEA.
✔ In-depth gene investigation: Explore gene expression along one chromosome, compare gene expression among groups of samples, and study alternative transcripts of one gene.

Single-Cell Add-on

Modern single-cell analyses in a package

✔ Access single-cell datasets of the latest studies.
✔ Explore the data with interactive visualizations in 3- and 2-D spaces.
✔ Find gene markers and enriched biological functions / pathways.
✔ Easily select and label clusters.
✔ Perform dimensionality reduction and clustering from .MTX files.
✔ Quickly export results, including tables, figures, or metadata.

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