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Analyze public and private single-cell data with ready-to-use Jupyter notebooks

Meeting BioTuring Data Science Platform, a cloud workspace for analyzing BioTuring Single-cell Database and user’s private data with custom analyses and workflows

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A cloud platform that incorporates latest single-cell data, algorithms and bioinformatics workflows

A database of millions of cells from thousands of publications

Programmatically access and analyze the largest curated single-cell database comprising hundreds of publications with BioTuring Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Fully annotated
  • Quality controlled
  • Continuously growing
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A notebook repository that is ready to use

Execute latest methods, algorithms and pipelines, curated and made available as ready-to-use notebooks, coming with instructions and interpretation of example results

  • Continuously adding latest methods
  • Notebooks can be easily edited and version-controlled
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A workspace to collaborate

Administer, collaborate and share works easily with colleagues

  • Simple resource management and configuration
  • Report and notebook sharing with environment encapsulated
  • Collaborative editing
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BioTuring Datascience Platform

Seamless environment setup

  • Easily install pre-built single-cell packages from BioTuring Conda channel
  • Easily share environments
  • Easily open a notebook with specific environment
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