Welcome to NORA

A tool for transcript quantification where accuracy matters

NORA: A tool for transcript quantification where accuracy matters

Meet Nora, a tool for transcript quantification with exceptional accuracy. Nora outputs accurate read alignments in bam format, while time and memory complexity are similar to the pseudo-alignment approaches. Nora is much more accurate than its predecessor Hera, which has obtained the top ranking in the latest round of SMC-RNA DREAM challenge.

Nora source code is written in C using the linux kernel coding style. The package can be installed on most MacOS, Windows, and Linux distributions without dependencies. Nora binary package is freely available at nora.bioturing.com.


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Benchmark Data

We benchmarked Nora and other transcript quantification tools (Hera, Kallisto, Salmon, RSEM+Bowtie2) using 20 simulated data sets generated from Kallisto paper (using this script), and the most recent benchmark data from SMC-RNA DREAM challenge.

Benchmark results

References and Annotations

For SMC-RNA DREAM Challenge data, we use:

Genome reference: GRCh37.75


Gene Annotation: GRCh37.75


For Kallisto simulations, we use:

Genome reference: GRCh38


Gene Annotation: GRCh38.80


The transcriptome fasta file is generated using RSEM script given the above genome and gene annotation as input.

Log-pearson: pearson correlation between log-transformed tpm values with offset 0.01.

MAE(asinh): mean absolute error of asinh-transformed tpm value (filtered out transcripts with zero tpm value in ground truth and predicted value)

False positive: the number of unexpressed transcripts but predicted to be expressed by the program

False negative: the number of expressed transcripts but predicted to be unexpressed by the program

Max false neg: the maximum tpm value of the transcripts but predicted to be unexpressed by the program

Max false pos: the maximum predicted tpm value of the unexpressed transcripts

Real time: is wall clock time - time from start to finish of the call (in seconds).

Note that both ground truth and predicted tpm value is rounded to 2 decimal digits, highlighted numbers in the table are choosen as the best number with epsilon = 0.005.

Machine specs

Spec 1 - for SMC simulated samples

CPU: 40 cores Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz RAM: 96 GiB DDR3 1866 MHz

Spec 2 - for 20 samples simulated from Kallisto paper’s script.

CPU: 32 cores Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz RAM: 64 GiB DDR3 1333 MHz

Tools used

Nora (coming soon…)

Run with 32 CPU cores…

Bowtie 2 + RSEM

Bowtie 2 (version (Home page)

RSEM (version 1.3.0) (Home page)

Run command:

            Index: $BIN/rsem-prepare-reference                          \
                        –gtf                       $GENE_GTF      \
                        –bowtie2 –bowtie2-path    $BIN      \
                        -p                          32                  \
                        $GENOME_FASTA                                   \

            Quant: $BIN/rsem-calculate-expression               \
                    --bowtie2 --bowtie2-path    $BIN            \
                    -p                          32              \
                    --paired-end                                \
                    $READS_1 $READS_2                           \
                    $INDEX_DIR/rsem/genome                      \

Kallisto (Home page)

Version 0.44.0

Run command:

            Index: $BIN/kallisto index -i $INDEX_DIR/kallisto $RSEM_TRANSCRIPT

            Quant: $BIN/kallisto quant  -i          $INDEX_DIR/kallisto     \
                                        -o          $OUTPUT_DIR/kallisto    \
                                        -t          32                      \
                                        $READS_1 $READS_2

Salmon (Home page)

Version 0.9.1

Run command:

        Index: $BIN/salmon index    –index         $INDEX_DIR/salmon   \
                                    –transcripts   $RSEM_TRANSCRIPT

        Quant: $BIN/salmon quant    --index         $INDEX_DIR/salmon   \
                                    --libType       A                   \
                                    -1              $READS_1            \
                                    -2              $READS_2            \
                                    -p              32                  \
                                    --ouput         $OUTPUT_DIR/salmon

Hera (Home page)

Version 1.2

Run command:

        Index: $BIN/hera_build  –fasta         $GENOME_FASTA       \
                                –gtf           $GENE_GTF           \
                                –outdir        $INDEX_DIR/hera/genome

        Quant: $BIN/hera quant      -i              $INDEX_DIR/hera     \
                                    -1              $READS_1            \
                                    -2              $READS_2            \
                                    -t              32                  \
                                    -o              $OUTPUT_DIR/hera