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  • Species: human
  • Number of cells: 252
  • Number of downloads: 30
  • Study size: 55MB
  • Uploaded at: Jul 8, 2022


Spatial Organ Atlas (SOA) Human Brain Demonstration (beta)


This cohort contains 5 samples: Sex: Male, Race: White, Age Range: 70 years to 90 years, BMI: 22 to 29; Whole Transcriptome Atlas Profiling​: >18,000 genes​, 5μm FFPE tissue section​; Area of Illumination (AOI) Profiling Strategy:​252 AOIs total, Subregions of cortex and hippocampus,​Cell type enriched and geometric areas of illumination; Morphology Markers:​NeuN: Neurons, Iba1: ​Microglia, GFAP: Astrocytes, DNA: Nuclei.

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