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Species: human
Number of cells: 500
Study size: 64MB

colorectal cancer 

Single-cell multiomics sequencing and analyses of human colorectal cancer (Tang protocol)

Bian, Shuhui, Hou, Yu, Zhou, Xin, Li, Xianlong, Yong, Jun, Wang, Yicheng, Wang, Wendong, Yan, Jia, Hu, Boqiang, Guo, Hongshan, others

To better design treatments for cancer, it is important to understand the heterogeneity in tumors and how this contributes to metastasis. To examine this process, Bian et al. used a single-cell triple omics sequencing (scTrio-seq) technique to examine the mutations, transcriptome, and methylome within colorectal cancer tumors and metastases from 10 individual patients. The analysis provided insights into tumor evolution, linked DNA methylation to genetic lineages, and showed that DNA methylation levels are consistent within lineages but can differ substantially among clones.

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