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10X Spatial Gene Expression Datasets - Human Prostate Cancer, Adenocarcinoma with Invasive Carcinoma (FFPE)

Spatial Gene Expression Dataset by Space Ranger 1.3.0

5 µm section from Adenocarcinoma of Human Prostate. FFPE tissue purchased from Indivumed Human Tissue Specimens (Indivumed). Block 1E500_Tp12 Section 1 Stage III Total Gleason score: 7 Sex: Male 20x magnification Libraries were prepared following the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Reagent Kits for FFPE User Guide (CG000407 Rev A). Libraries were sequenced on Illumina NovaSeq with approximately 22,964 reads per spot, dual index set SI-TS-F8, 28bp read 1 (16bp Visium spatial barcode, 12bp UMI), 50bp read2 (transcript), 10bp i7 sample barcode and 10bp i5 sample barcode. FASTQ data were analyzed with Space Ranger 1.3. 4371 spots were detected under tissue. Annotated with Adenocarcinoma, Invasive Carcinoma.

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Species: human
Number of cells: 4371
Number of downloads: 38
Study size: 246MB
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