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Toward an integrated classification of neuronal cell types: morphoelectric and transcriptomic characterization of individual GABAergic cortical neurons

Gouwens, Nathan W and Sorensen, Staci A and Baftizadeh, Fahimeh and Budzillo, Agata and Lee, Brian R and Jarsky, Tim and Alfiler, Lauren and Arkhipov, Anton and Baker, Katherine and Barkan, Eliza and others

Neurons are frequently classified into distinct groups or cell types on the basis of structural, physiological, or genetic attributes. To better constrain the definition of neuronal cell types, we characterized the transcriptomes and intrinsic physiological properties of over 3,700 GABAergic mouse visual cortical neurons and reconstructed the local morphologies of 350 of those neurons. We found that most transcriptomic types (t-types) occupy specific laminar positions within mouse visual cortex, and many of those t-types exhibit consistent electrophysiological and morphological features. We observed that these properties could vary continuously between t-types, which limited the ability to predict specific t-types from other data modalities. Despite that, the data support the presence of at least 20 interneuron met-types that have congruent morphological, electrophysiological, and transcriptomic properties.

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Species: mouse
Number of cells: 4435
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