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Single-cell multiomics sequencing and analyses of human colorectal cancer (Multiplexed)

Shuhui Bian, Yu Hou, Xin Zhou, Xianlong Li, Jun Yong, Yicheng Wang, Wendong Wang, Jia Yan, Boqiang Hu, Hongshan Guo, Jilian Wang, Shuai Gao, Yunuo Mao, Ji Dong, Ping Zhu, Dianrong Xiu, Liying Yan, Lu Wen, Jie Qiao, Fuchou Tang, Wei Fu

Although genomic instability, epigenetic abnormality, and gene expression dysregulation are hallmarks of colorectal cancer, these features have not been simultaneously analyzed at single-cell resolution. Using optimized single-cell multiomics sequencing together with multiregional sampling of the primary tumor and lymphatic and distant metastases, we developed insights beyond intratumoral heterogeneity. Genome-wide DNA methylation levels were relatively consistent within a single genetic sublineage. The genome-wide DNA demethylation patterns of cancer cells were consistent in all 10 patients whose DNA we sequenced. The cancer cells’ DNA demethylation degrees clearly correlated with the densities of the heterochromatin-associated histone modification H3K9me3 of normal tissue and those of repetitive element long interspersed nuclear element 1. Our work demonstrates the feasibility of reconstructing genetic lineages and tracing their epigenomic and transcriptomic dynamics with single-cell multiomics sequencing.

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Species: human
Number of cells: 688
Number of downloads: 133
Study size: 51MB
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colorectal cancer