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Construction of a human cell landscape at single-cell level (Fetal)

Xiaoping Han, Ziming Zhou, Lijiang Fei, Huiyu Sun, Renying Wang, Yao Chen, Haide Chen, Jingjing Wang, Huanna Tang, Wenhao Ge, Yincong Zhou, Fang Ye, Mengmeng Jiang, Junqing Wu, Yanyu Xiao, Xiaoning Jia, Tingyue Zhang, Xiaojie Ma, Qi Zhang, Xueli Bai, Shujing Lai, Chengxuan Yu, Lijun Zhu, Rui Lin, Yuchi Gao, Min Wang, Yiqing Wu, Jianming Zhang, Renya Zhan, Saiyong Zhu, Hailan Hu, Changchun Wang, Ming Chen, He Huang, Tingbo Liang, Jianghua Chen, Weilin Wang, Dan Zhang & Guoji Guo

Single-cell analysis is a valuable tool for dissecting cellular heterogeneity in complex systems1. However, a comprehensive single-cell atlas has not been achieved for humans. Here we use single-cell mRNA sequencing to determine the cell-type composition of all major human organs and construct a scheme for the human cell landscape (HCL). We have uncovered a single-cell hierarchy for many tissues that have not been well characterized. We established a ‘single-cell HCL analysis’ pipeline that helps to define human cell identity. Finally, we performed a single-cell comparative analysis of landscapes from human and mouse to identify conserved genetic networks. We found that stem and progenitor cells exhibit strong transcriptomic stochasticity, whereas differentiated cells are more distinct. Our results provide a useful resource for the study of human biology.

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Species: human
Number of cells: 254266
Number of downloads: 67
Study size: 1GB
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