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Single-cell RNA sequencing of human kidney

Jinling Liao, Zhenyuan Yu, Yang Chen, Mengying Bao, Chunlin Zou, Haiying Zhang, Deyun Liu, Tianyu Li, Qingyun Zhang, Jiaping Li, Jiwen Cheng & Zengnan Mo

A comprehensive cellular anatomy of normal human kidney is crucial to address the cellular origins of renal disease and renal cancer. Some kidney diseases may be cell type-specific, especially renal tubular cells. To investigate the classification and transcriptomic information of the human kidney, we rapidly obtained a single-cell suspension of the kidney and conducted single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). Here, we present the scRNA-seq data of 23,366 high-quality cells from the kidneys of three human donors. In this dataset, we show 10 clusters of normal human renal cells. Due to the high quality of single-cell transcriptomic information, proximal tubule (PT) cells were classified into three subtypes and collecting ducts cells into two subtypes. Collectively, our data provide a reliable reference for studies on renal cell biology and kidney disease. Keywords: kidney, cancer, tumor, renal

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Species: human
Number of cells: 23366
Number of downloads: 55
Study size: 230MB
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