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An Integrated Gene Expression Landscape Profiling Approach to Identify Lung Tumor Endothelial Cell Heterogeneity and Angiogenic Candidates (mouse)

Goveia, Jermaine and Rohlenova, Katerina and Taverna, Federico and Treps, Lucas and Conradi, Lena-Christin and Pircher, Andreas and Geldhof, Vincent and de Rooij, Laura PMH and Kalucka, Joanna and Sokol, Liliana and others

Heterogeneity of lung tumor endothelial cell (TEC) phenotypes across patients, species (human/mouse), and models (in vivo/in vitro) remains poorly inventoried at the single-cell level. We single-cell RNA (scRNA)-sequenced 56,771 endothelial cells from human/mouse (peri)-tumoral lung and cultured human lung TECs, and detected 17 known and 16 previously unrecognized phenotypes, including TECs putatively regulating immune surveillance. We resolved the canonical tip TECs into a known migratory tip and a putative basement-membrane remodeling breach phenotype. Tip TEC signatures correlated with patient survival, and tip/breach TECs were most sensitive to vascular endothelial growth factor blockade. Only tip TECs were congruent across species/models and shared conserved markers. Integrated analysis of the scRNA-sequenced data with orthogonal multi-omics and meta-analysis data across different human tumors, validated by functional analysis, identified collagen modification as a candidate angiogenic pathway.

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Species: mouse
Number of cells: 29007
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lung cancer