A next-generation platform for single-cellmulti-omics data

Meet BioTuring Browser and its new CITE-seq dashboard, a complete package for interactively exploring single-cell gene expression data in parallel with surface protein information

Access 5744514 cellsfrom published works

A new way to reviewpublished data

Instantly access and reanalyze latest single-cell RNA-seq and CITE-seq datasets from publications, all uniformly annotated, and ready for visualization.

Transform raw
in-house data
to insights

Not just creating a gateway to published works, BioTuring Single-cell Browser is an end-to-end solution for YOUR own single-cell RNA sequencing data.


Quantify transcripts at unparalleled speed using Hera-T. No commands are required.

Batch effect removal

Retain true biological variances with various batch effect removal methods:



• Harmony

Dimension reduction and clustering

• Perform dimension reduction with t-SNE and UMAP

• Cluster the cells by k-means and graph-based clustering

• Explore novel cell sub-types on an interactive sub-clustering dashboard

Annotation and prediction

• Predict cell types in real time upon selecting any groups of cells. The knowledge base for prediction can be customized to your own definition.

• Explore marker genes and run enrichment analysis


• Track the compositional changes in different treatments, or which treatment enriches different cell types.

• Find differentially expressed genes in any two groups of cells such as two cell types, sub-types, conditions, or any two stages of the disease

the synergy of
single-cell multi-omics

Perform parallel analysis combining single-cell RNA-seq data, TCR-seq data and cell surface information

CITE-Seq data analysis:
  • t-SNE based on protein information
  • Query protein expression across all cells
  • Feature plot
Pairing clonotype information:
  • Explore clonotype abundances
  • View antigen information
  • Find differentially expressed genes between 2 clonotypes

Get scalable
3D visualizations
on a laptop

BioTuring Single-cell Browser is optimized to visualize up to 1.3 million single cells at a time on a standard laptop with interactive t-SNE and UMAP.

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