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At BioTuring, we dream, we think, we code, and we deliver important algorithms and software — to tackle biomedical challenges


We develop state-of-the-art bioinformatics algorithms to extract information from next-generation sequencing data.


We create better solutions for biological data visualization and analysis.

Machine learning

We tackle current challenges in machine learning methods for large biological datasets.

Our products


A tool for transcript quantification where accuracy matters.

We introduce Nora, a tool for transcript quantification where accuracy matters. Nora is much more accurate than Hera, an algorithm that we released last year (Hera obtained the best ranking in the latest round of SMC-RNA DREAM challenge ). Nora also outputs accurate read alignments in bam format, while time and memory consumption is similar to pseudo-alignment approaches’.

RNA-seq algorithm gene abundance transcript quantification


A software for data analysis and visualization

BioVinci is a software developed for life scientists who want to analyze data and produce high-quality graphs. The software helps get rid of the burdens from traditional command lines while maintaining all possibilities in customization. It also supports a huge range of analysis, from the common hypothesis tests or regression, to state-of-the-art functions such as clustering methods or dimensionality reduction. BioVinci is available in a Web and a Desktop Edition.

visualization analysis publication ready software

Bioturing Platform

A complete discovery platform for human sequencing data

The Platform, or BioTuring Platform, consists of more than 7 powerful packs of interactive visualizations that gather important analyses in the field, such as eQTL, WGCNA, differential expressions, clustering methods, dimensionality reduction, enrichment analysis, drug repositioning, etc. This product serves as a complete pipeline that can start from raw data, BAM/SAM files, or VCF files. The Platform can be easily installed on a server and efficiently handle a large number of samples.

eQTL clustering differential expression variant drug WGCNA dimensionality reduction gene junction


A package for RNA-Seq

Developed by BioTuring, Hera is a bioinformatics tool that helps analyze RNA-seq data. The difference from most other tools is that with a single command line, Hera can provide a base-to-base alignment BAM file and transcript abundance estimation. Each process in Hera was carefully organized and optimized in order to maximize the performance in term of time and accuracy. Hera quantification algorithm obtained the best ranking in a recent round of the SMC-RNA DREAM challenge.

transcript quantification alignment BAM output

Algorithm consulting services

Services in research and technology development

It is hard to imagine how biotechnology reshapes the world without the help of algorithms. BioTuring works closely with leading institutions to produce the finest algorithms that accelerate technology and research in the field. By providing algorithms and visualizing solutions, we aim to build a dynamic playground where scientists can make insightful discoveries at the highest performance.

consulting service algorithm biotechnology research visualization analysis

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