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Bio Browser

BioTuring Browser opens up a completely new way for scientists to access and analyze published sequencing data, with cutting-edge algorithms, modern data visualization, and AI support.

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BioVinci is a software developed for life scientists who want to analyze data and produce high-quality graphs. The software removes the burdens of traditional command line, yet maintains all options for customization.

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Developed by BioTuring, Hera is a bioinformatics tool that helps analyze RNA-seq data. The difference from most other tools is that with a single command line, Hera can provide a base-to-base alignment BAM file and transcript abundance estimation.

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By providing algorithms and visualizing solutions, we aim to build a dynamic playground where scientists can make insightful discoveries at the highest performance.

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Bioturing Consulting Service

Directed by pioneering scientists in bioinformatics, machine learning, and molecular biology.